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Paletto Lounge - Corby

What’s the first rule of Pub Blogging ? Well that's an easy one, ‘ Get A Good Acronym ’ ( GAGA )! It’s all very well gushing eloquently about pubs and pubbing, but if you haven’t got a snappy acronym to tempt the readers in, you might as well write it on the back of a beermat and throw it in the pub fire. I’ve got a snappy short-form title, though in truth I hadn’t actually noticed it until Baggie Pete pointed it out. My ‘ Every Pub In Corby ’ adventure is of course an ' EPIC ' adventure’. Neat eh! I decided not to include ‘ ...& Pole Fair Too ’, there was something about ' EPIC & Pft! ' that just didn’t scan. Ye Olde Paletto Lounge The second, third, and fourth rules of Pub Blogging are more obscure. Technical details around  half pints , cuddly toys , and flowerpots  that we needn't consider here. The most difficult rule of them all however is the one concerning chain bars and pubs, ' Thou shalt not take agin a pub merely because of its type or ca

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