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St John’s Church - Corby Village

What, you might ask, is a Village Church doing on a blog about pubs and clubs? A church that hasn't, as yet, been converted into a trendy Gin & Cocktail Bar at that! Pub enthusiasts will know the answer of course, as will anyone who's made the schoolboy error of arriving at a village pub just that little too early for opening time. Because nothing says ' I'm really desperate for a pint! ' more, than spending half an hour with your nose smudging a windowpane waiting for the lights to come on. I know, I've been there. Quite recently in fact!... More likely is that the pub has failed to open at the advertised time, an increasingly common malaise affecting licensed premises all over. All except  Corby  that is, because Corby pubs open all day every day, sometimes longer, almost without fail. I think this is unique for a town the size of Corby, just show me another one like it! Anyway, I digress. The Church is that place you go to for a bit of a mooch around whi

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