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Highland Gathering 2024

Any excuse for a pint in The Cardigan Arms right! Quite a good excuse on this occasion as day two of Corby's magnificent Highland Gathering ... err... gathered on the Charter Field in the old village. Pipe Bands and Highland Dancing were the order of the day, both of which tasks make for thirsty work, particularly for us spectators. Bottles of pop and ice creams for the youngsters, wobbly pint pots of beer and ice creams for the grown-ups, more of which later. There was a wide range of food and drink on offer, Dirty Fries, Burger & Fries, Doughnuts, Candyfloss and Fries etc. but we decided to go for the traditional Corby Viking offering of Polish Sausage & Bread , and a pudding of Wild Berries & Bread . Expertly cooked over open Viking fires by the fabulous Viking of Mercia , who when not cooking sausages and making bread could be seen teaching the children of Corby how to throw axes, handle enormous swords, and other useful battle tips. Pudding We could have staye

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